Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

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General Terms and Conditions

By the following order you agree on our General Terms and Conditions, so please do get to know them.

1. Scope of effectiveness
For the trade relation between AudioStrobe Ltd., called later on AudioStrobe and the client, only the General Trade Conditions are applicable at the moment of signing agreement. We will not recognize any other conditions of the order, unless we confirm them on writing. The AudioStrobe abode in England is the place to fill in the payment obligations. The place of proper court is determined as for proper court for AudioStrobe abode.

2. Agreement conclusion
An agreement is concluded along with reception of the order. The client will be informed on writing, via telephone or email.

3. Prices
All the prices are given in British Pound
If purchased inside EU prices include the VAT legible for United Kingdom or EU Digital VAT for download products. Packaging and shipping costs are added, according to our conditions concerning shipment.

4. Payment and delivery
We accept only PayPal.
The shipment takes place from the warehouse situated within the EU.

5. Property rights reservation
Property rights for delivered goods belong to AudioStrobe until the whole payment is done.

6. Late delivery
If the product is not available on stock, the order iv legitimate as long as the product will be available. The client will be informed about that. The delivery will be shipped as soon as possible without any postal fees. If postponed delivery is not possible due to product unavailability, the client will be immediately informed.

7. Contract withdrawal right
Withdrawal from the contract
You can withdraw from the contract without any explanation within 2 weeks on writing (i.e. a letter, email) or by sending the goods pack. The 2 weeks period starts at the moment of goods delivery, but not before reception of this notice. It is sufficient to send contract withdrawal notice within that time or to send the goods back within that time. The contract withdrawal notice is to be send to the above stated address.

Software and MP3 are not subjected to refund.

Consequences of a contract withdrawal
In case of successful contract withdrawal, any services provided for both parties are subject to be returned and any possible usage of the product requires compensation. If it is impossible to return the product as a whole or it is in deteriorated condition, you are obliged to compensate the value looses. It is not effective if the state of deterioration was caused due to product initial check, which could have happened for example at a shop. So you can avoid compensation due to product state deterioration , by not using it and avoiding any possible decrease of its value. Products of total value over 30 GBP that could be shipped in a parcel, are supposed to be sent back and to be insured according to decision of point 9. Payment for the postal fees will cause all the expenses to be returned. Unpaid deliveries will not be accepted! Please take into consideration that we cannot refund the cost of international shipment, apart from the situation when it is regulated by consumer rights in the EU country.

8. Warranty and responsibility
Defects and faults due to transport or any incomplete deliveries are to be immediately reported by the client, within the period of 14 days since the date of delivery. If the complaint is recognized, we are authorized to remove the defect or substitute faulty product according to our own decision. If defect removal or substitution are not possible, the ordering party is authorized to request decrease of purchase value of to withdraw from the contract according to its own decision. We provide two years technical warranty for our products. The warranty is not legitimate if the failure was caused deliberately or due to gross negligence. Warranty is also not legitimate if the failure was caused by external factors or as a result of inappropriate usage. We are responsible only for defects existing on delivered product.

9. Return package
The return packages posted to our company are supposed to be carefully packed, the fees are to be paid and precautions are to be taken in the case of lost. In case of lost or damage of the returned package the client is charged with the costs of a damage, unless he did not undertake appropriate actions.