“Ubiquity” by Tamas Lab.


“Ubiquity” by Tamas Lab.

Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 57 min 09 sec
AudioStrobe encoded

Ubiquity is an album for experiencing “omnipresence”. How you will experience it depends only on your readiness to open yourself to experience something bigger than you and to your cultural background.

Two powerful AudioStrobe programs, which can be experienced one after another.


“Ubiquity” by Tamas Lab.
© Andamon 2018
Instructions – Ubiquity
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 57 min 09 sec



Over a year ago I started working on the “Ubiquity”. The first part was almost done and I wrote in a newsletter in August 2017:

“Energized” by the last track, cooled by summer temperatures, which are rather low here, I have begun to work on a new album, which I will call “Ubiquity”.

The inspiration came from a forgotten book in my collection, written by Mark Buchanan.

I started to read it in 2004 and then gave it up and I do not remember why. Perhaps I was engaged with other projects in Switzerland.

In his book, Mark Buchanan explains “the science of history…or why the world is simpler than we think.” And again, it touches the “fractal dimensions”.

I am almost through with reading the book and I hope to have the album finished soon as well.

I have just a strange premonition of what the album will be, as strange “synchronicity” experiences pop up around me. More in the next newsletter on “Ubiquity”. ”

Yes, it was a premonition, except that it will take me over one year to finish the album in a tropical climate of this summer!

After a year I picked up the project again after a talk at the fireplace with one of our guests at Villa Molinis, who has shared his “vision” of the world as “fractal multiverse”.

On the next day I was searching for new definitions of UBIQUITY. I have found one in wiki:

Omnipresence or ubiquity is the property of being present everywhere. The term omnipresence is most often used in a religious context as an attribute of a deity or supreme being, while the term ubiquity is generally used to describe something “existing or being everywhere at the same time, constantly encountered, widespread, common.” Ubiquitous can also be used as a synonym for words like worldwide, universal, global, pervasive, all over the place.

Then I had tried the working,  AudioStrobe encoded version of “Ubiquity I” and I was thrown between two asymptotic worlds, which I try to describe as best as I can:

“One physical world, restrained by the velocity of light, trying to reach it but never able to cross the light speed limit “c” (BL-below light speed) and the other one, the supraluminal (SL), faster than the speed of light.

Two “spaces” collapsing together, giving a strange interplay. Seemingly not possible to be united, a way apart, two different worlds, with seemingly different laws of physics.

The BL-world needs more energy to speed up objects, the SL-world needs more energy to slow down (to the c limit). Rest in the BL-world is no movement, no velocity, in CL-world rest is in infinite speed, where time and distance loose their meaning. Everything is at once and at the same place – like an infinite potential of “everything”.

BL-world is like a soft woven organic stuff, floating and pulsating, the CL-world is abstract, full of complex geometric forms – fields.

And yet they are giving birth to something new out of their “friction”. Something transcendent, being in many places at once. Some could call it being omnipresent, I rather like to call it Ubiquity.”

After a week I decided to polish the AudioStrobe encoding, to make it more transparent and more powerful “crossing”.

This time I was immersed even in a clear and powerful experience of two “inter-playing worlds”.

After that I have recalled my fascination for the complex numbers (where you have a square root of -1!) and the Special Relativity Theory (by Einstein, where no material body can be faster than light) as I was in high school. I was asking myself what would be if there is a crossing of the speed of light? You dive into domain of complex numbers, which are on the other hand a perfect ground for fractals, like the Mandelbrot Set.

If you are more interested in this subject you may visit a site dedicated to my father’s work on “biophotons” and necrotic radiation: mind-reflection.com

And a day later I have found this book:

Causal Ubiquity in Quantum Physics
A Superluminal and Local-Causal Physical Ontology
by Raphael Neelamkavil

It is not easy to read. But I will try my best…

Ubiquity I” is a very powerful AudioStrobe program – and I say it myself – with all the experience I have gathered since AudioStrobe was born. That’s why the ending is a very special one; you end in a fading out loop between the BL and SL so that you can integrate the “Ubiquity” experience.

Then came the time to finish the second part of the album – “Ubiquity II”. First I thought it will be an easy “chill-out” piece, instead I was surprised to have deep experiences of love, mother loving and her over-protecting, forgiving and letting go. Somehow the “mother” motive related to the BL world and crossing the c limit was as to dissolve mothers bondage and being here and there at the same time – whole.

Of course this are my own experiences – I am looking forward to hear yours!

I have encoded “Ubiquity II” with binaural beats in theta and delta range, while the lights move around from alpha to delta.




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