Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 66 min 55 sec

Two “extraordinary experience” AudioStrobe programs based on “Mandala Music” algorythms and LBL experiences.
Very powerful programs for inner transformations.


© Andamon 2017

Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 66 min 55 sec

Track samples:

Track 1 “TRANSCRIPTION I” 33 min 55 sec

Track 2 “TRANSCRIPTION II” 33 min


I am pleased to release a new album, which I have called “TRANSCRIPTION”.

It is my re-birth of algorithmic composing from the 80-ties. A lot has changed in the last 30 years. At the same time the fascination for the fractal “Mandala Music” did not diminish.

Yes, I wanted to come back to the fractal composing one day again.

The album  “Prime Canyon” and “Prime Space” were really “an Opening” for me.

In many ways. This new album “TRANSCRIPTION” is more than I have expected!

Not every time I make a final mix-down I experience the process  personally involved.

This time, while listening to real time mix of the part 2, I went  into a deep trance. The experience has healed my traumatic experiences from almost  30-years ago.

This story is too personal to be shared in a newsletter today.

What I can tell you right now is what was my inspiration to create “TRANSCRIPTION”.

Many years ago I had a very short but very lucid dream. In this dream I was like a non-physical being working on a double helix spiral, which somehow resembled the DNA, but it was of cosmic dimensions. My job was to insert other non-physical entities into the “tube containers” on the spiral. This was nothing special,  a job like any other. Being lucid I decided to look at myself more closely. It did not work, as some time it did. I just woke up. But I remember this dream today as if it has been today night.

Another inspiration came from a German guest, Heinz Kiso, living in Sweden and spending most of his free time in Thailand as a healer and Buddhist monk.

Almost by “coincidence” he was present at my father’s funeral. He has put into the grave a small golden figure of Buddha. He had no chance to know my father.

After the funeral he gave me several books. One of them was a documentation on hypnotic sessions, where the clients were able to experience “life between lives”,  by Dr. Michael Newton.

Another book on “LBT” came to me by post in the days following the monks visit.

Somehow, the documented stories on LBT made me recall this dream again.
Inspired, I decided to make a new album and call it “TRANSCRIPTION”.

To realize it I have chosen the “Martins” algorithm, which I used for my first Hemi-Sync compositions like in “Brain Machine” and “Mandala Music”.

Monroe’s dedication from 1988

I became a professional member of the Monroe Institute at the same time as I had build my first studio 30 years ago.

Monroe was very interesting person and it was my pleasure to know him from my several visits in Virginia.

During one of my stays there I took part in a controlled out of a body experience, which has inspired me to implement the Hemi-Sync method in my compositions.

So here it is: “TRANSCRIPTION”.

I hope you will enjoy the experience.

Thank you for your time.


BTW The motives on the cover picture are actual spectral views of 3 samples from “TRANSCRIPTION”.


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