“Prime Space Mantra” by Tamas Lab.


Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 54 min 41 sec
AudioStrobe encoded

This is a long, mantra like composition for inner transformation.

It will help you to glide into a deep, regenerative theta state, where you may encounter inner visions of the past, present and maybe even of the future.


“Prime Space Mantra”
by Tamas Lab.
© Andamon 2017
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 54 min 41 sec


In own words from Andamon: “It is my next album in the “prime” series: “Prime Canyon 3697“, “Prime Space” and “Transcription“.

Now, the 4 albums are available in the “Prime Bundle”.

A Buddhist monk has asked me to make a longer program for LBL (Life between Lives) experience.

He also send me a mantra in a very old language (Pali). While I was composing, the mantra came to my mind. I printed out the text and started singing to the evolving patterns.

The first two lines felt quite good but the third one was somehow out of the pattern. I spent almost an hour trying to adjust the voice. First a little bit frustrated, but then I felt a release and stopped “forcing”. I knew it would come one day, the perfect match. Like a solution of a kōan.

During the time of my work on this album, my 4 years old son came to me as I was lying sick, and asked me a very profound questions: “Do all people die? And all flowers and cats? And the Earth? And the Sun?”.

Next day as we were watching a documentary about the Earth and the Universe together, he started to cry “I do not want that our Earth dies!”.

Next morning, as we were playing on the lake shore I saw water coming into a miniature stream and then a few meters further coming back into the lake.

I took a stick and showed him the way: “Just pretend, the lake is the Energy, here at the entrance to the stream something is born, you see, it lives such a long life, and here it dies, and where does it go? Back to the lake again. And then here it can be born again. Even our Earth and the Sun.”

He showed it to other children and they were having much fun building streams, rivers and bridges.

In a symbolic way a lake, a sea, an ocean is like the space between lives.

You may believe it or not.
But you may experience this place. Even if this space between lives could be a wishful thinking, the experience itself is helping to grasp a greater purpose in life. It brings more inner peace and focus on  things which really matter for your development and others around you.”


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