“Continuity” by Tamas Lab.


“Continuity” by Tamas Lab.

Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 66 min 58 sec
AudioStrobe encoded

Dive into the atoms of our existence and face the Illusion of Continuity.
Your mind, based on electromagnetic field is more a quantum computer than an analogue device. But deep inside of us we long for a Continuity of our thoughts, ideas and existence.
“Continuity” is a prime-fractal environment to face this illusion and and explore its consequences.


“Continuity” by Tamas Lab.
© Andamon 2017
Instructions – Continuity
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 66 min 58 sec


In own words from Andamon: “It is my next album in the “prime” series: “Prime Canyon 3697“, “Prime Space“, “Transcription” and “Prime Space Mantra“.

Now, the 4 albums are available in the “Prime Bundle”.

The “Continuity” album is something special to me.
It is ready since weeks but I missed the cover and text.
The story went in and out from my mind.
Then suddenly, yesterday I felt ready. I knew why “Continuity” but I did not expect the results of  this contemplation…

We all long for a kind of Continuity. It is our natural desire to be able to refer to something “continuous”.
In this universal desire over millennia we have created religions, philosophical systems and legends which give us a framework.

Most of our cultural, social and political systems refer to some kind of Continuity.
We believe that without Continuity our world would fall apart into chaotic pieces.

And each of us as well.

Imagine waking up as another person. Every morning. It would be very strange, right?
But each of us wakes up as another person. Every morning, every second.
Even on the physical level you are not the same person as a moment ago.
The chemical reactions which took place in your body, the flow of blood, the air taken in and out and the trillions of  fireworks in your neural network.

It seems there is no Continuum on molecular, atomic and subatomic levels.
Even what we believe to be the most advanced science – mathematics – is just playing around with axioms and definitions which lead to continuous functions in metric and topological spaces. Very useful concepts, of course. Without continuity we would not have calculus, analysis and many more.

But still there is another branch of mathematics called Discrete Mathematics which studies structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than continuous.

And there is quantum physics as well. And it works fine.

In my experience the desire for Continuity comes from the very inner  fear of loosing control. That’s why quantum mechanics is so strange. It is often very counter intuitive and lacks common sense.

The concept of Continuity gives us peace of mind. You do not have to worry that each time you refer to yourself that you are already another being or that this screen is just a matrix of pixels changing rapidly giving you an illusion of the written text.

The price we pay referring  to Continuity is very high. Living in a profound illusion can make us feel safe but we do not “see” things happening in between.

In order to sustain this illusion some even kill others rather than change themselves.

Once you embrace the dance of  the discreet world you may find another peace of mind; based on a much deeper and fundamental level. Possibly you will fetch a glimpse into the beauty of that dance in an ever re-creating world. I find it so fascinating and liberating!

Continuity is an artistic and  psychoactive journey into the realms of Continuity and Discreetness. It is based on non-continuous functions,  many days of contemplation and hard work.

At the last stage of mastering half of my studio broke down. But I have continued with the other half.

I hope very much it will give you the mind-ambience for inner transformation.





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